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In pets, mostly cats and dogs, colloidal silver uk is useful in helping to treat inflammation, wounds, fever, eye infections,  burns, ringworms, parasites, digestive disorders and yeast infections. You can utilize this product to help improve your pet’s gum health and even as an effective ear and eye wash. You can also use it for cleaning wounds and as an antiseptic on the bandage to reduce chances of opportunistic infections. In this you should administer it topically and directly to the affected area 3 or 4 times a day. Your pet’s drinking water bowl is a ready breeding ground for bacteria and therefore you should always remember to add a teaspoonful of colloidal silver to the water to ensure the pet’s sustained health (colloidal silver uk).


It is important to understand that when treating an animal or pet with Colloidal Silver, a calculation based on weight of animal must be taken in order that the correct dosage is given. In simple terms, the average weight of a human is 150lbs and the weight of your pet is 5lb (colloidal silver). That calculates to 1/30th of the weight of a human. In other terms, if the recommended nutritional dose for a human is 30ml, that then equates to 1ml for the animal.

If you are treating the animal for a specific ailment, nutritional dosage can be increased without side effects. No toxic limit has ever been established for TRUE Colloidal Silver


Please refer to our table (at foot of page) to assist you in determining the correct dosage.


Below are a few of our success stories to date.

Case One

Rescued colour-point cat suffering from cat flu, green matter discharge from eyes, sneezing excessively, low energy levels and no appetite (colloidal silver).  Treated with 10ml daily of Ionic Colloidal Silver, using plastic syringe (obtainable from any chemist) orally and two drops directly into eyes. After three days, discharge from eyes reduced, sneezing ceased, energy and appetite levels increased.

This is the second time she has been treated successfully with Silver and is now on a constant daily dosage of 4ml plus two drops in each eye (colloidal silver). Additionally, 2 capfuls of cleared Ionic Silver is added to her water bowl along with a capful of Particle Silver (tasteless) to her food, to basically keep the symptoms at bay.

It should be noted, at the time of writing this story, no cure had been found for cat flu. In our experience Silver is extremely effective at managing the symptoms to sustain health and happiness (colloidal silver). To date, she is now back to her bossy self with no further ailments for the past of six months!!!!!

In our opinion it is only necessary to syringe Colloidal Silver into your animals if they are suffering from a specific ailment.  A nutritional dose can be added to their food and water on a daily basis to help maintain health and activeness.

Case Two

One of our Persian cats developed a 30 degree head tilt and was wobbly on his feet. After a scan was taken, a growth was found to growing out from the inner ear, which had caused the ear drum to be pushed out (colloidal silver). The veterinary surgeon’s advised that their treatment would be removing a piece of bone from the cheek to gain access into the inner ear and cut out the growth. We declined this treatment and proceeded with three drops of Ionic Colloidal Silver daily, directly into the ear. He didn’t like this very much, but we persevered!  After only one week of the Colloidal Silver treatment, his head tilt had totally receded and was steady on is feet. After two weeks, we took him back to the Vet and were advised that the growth was now shrinking (colloidal silver).  After a further three weeks, back to the Vet’s for an update and were advised that not only had the growth disappeared but the eardrum had started to regenerate. Another four weeks thereafter, back to the Vet’s and were advised that the eardrum had fully regenerated. No further treatment require


5OZ Hamster

2 drops


6-10 drops

5LB Rabbit

1 ml


3-5 ml

10LB Cat



6-10 ml

20LB Dog



12-20 ml

50LB Dog



30-50 ml

1000LB Horse



600-1000 ml



We treat our household plants with a few drops of colloidal silver once a week and noticed particularly with flowering types, not only do the colours appear more vibrant after a couple of weeks but the leaves look ‘shinier’ also.


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